Ireland Baldwin Flaunts the Nipple During Malibu Photo Shoot


Ireland Baldwin has no support -- no bra, no bikini top, no nothing -- but the good news is she's the new poster child for the "Free the Nipple" movement.

Ireland hit up the beach in Malibu Thursday for a ridiculously hot photo shoot. The 21-year-old posed in a vintage, see-through dress -- in and out of the water. She also slipped into a wet muscle tank. What we're saying is ... the girl's got range.

And a smoking bod to match. Viva la movement!



Her Dad should get a wig and wear an outfit like that and do the walk of shame on SNL.


She needs to find another line of work. While not unattrctive, she is just not model material. She's awkward and every pose is 'off'. She just has no grace at all.


Alec to Weinstein : have you met my daughter ?


She's nothing special but I love nips


That is a lot of good Dna gone wrong.




Hollywood starlets do anything for fame. So the Democratic party control Hollywood. Weinstein made extreme demands from the Hollywood stars that he made famous, they sold their bodies and souls. He funded Obama, Hillary, Bill, Schumer, Gillibrand (foul mouthed senator from NY) among others, he slept in the Obama White House 13 times, he has a disgusting track record. Amazing Hollywood still insist Our President is bad?
Since May 2016, my wife and I went from 25+ movies a year to 0, returned our ROKU and cancelled all the various accounts.
Hollywood are hurting financially, this past summer's box office receipts were a disaster, huge stars are failing, George Clooney's movie "Mad Money" in the shows 3 days and pulled, Tom Hanks had two box office disappointments, "Sully" and "Inferno", most recently Jennifer Lawrence movie "Mother", dismal ticket sales. The Conservative boycott is very successful. Yet they continue to have the same attitude as did the CBS vice president, Ms. Gold who was fired on Monday for her inhumane attitude toward the slain in Las Vegas.
Hollywood are pathetic, inept disgusting and irrelevant, hope to see their socialism fail with the absence of attendance by the conservative Capitalists.


So stupid!! Headline - Bra-less!! OMG!!! Somebody is not wearing a bra!! Such important news!! Lame!


She does not seem quite awake.


Beautiful Girl. Hate the tatoos


Virg Prit, Yes the pictures are there for all to see, but you don't have to look at them if they are so disgusting? They call it publicity!!


She would have been attractive.........had she had a different father.


She's a plain Jane.........but I'd give her a goo mask. Hear that Alex? I'd give your skanky daughter a goo mask.


It an important issue, something I don't see our politicians dealing with at all.


I think Trump should send a special " Thank You " note to Alec Baldwin for that little treat . Just saying


As Barnie Fife would say , " NIP IT ! NIP IT ! NIP IT IN THE BUD !


Beautiful girl but the nudity is completely gratuitous.


Who cares about this? Another daughter of celebrity posing half nude, nude whatever. What the hell is new and talent worthy about this? Nothing. i am sorry to say but the tattoos Ireland has are really ugly.


Boy are those tatoos U G L Y


Definition of a nightmare: A Baldwin or Kartrashian thot on your face when you wake up in the morning!!! Brahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


.....this woman is stoned in these pictures........lights one home.....


That is disgustingly. No self respect.


If you can watch any of the reward shows ,you will see more than this. But really it is no ones bussines except herself so why don't you judgemental people leave her alone.


Alec Baldlwin's daughter wants attention. I wonder if they will do a skit about her on SNL. She won't need to wear many clothes.


Oh wow...nobody from hollywood crowd goes braless! Shocking!! I've seen better at my local Mall and seeing them in person beats hell out of this...she must need a date.


The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. It takes a lot of talent to go braless. Anyhoo that's how liberals see it.


Ugh....She looks like a MAN! She looks like her father in a dress. Pale and a washboard ASS. Noy cute. She dont even know how to model. Who poses with their neck that far back. The photographer dont care, he just want shots of her face. Someone told her shes as cute as her mom and she ran with it. Lol


If we had more parents who taught their daughters better, it would be a better world. Females would not stay with male idiot abusers. They would not even think about it. My taught me better. The two me for excuses is over.


Total screw up with kids. That is not what we want for kids. And you taught that that was okay. What a loser of a parent. So beyond words. You're proud.


Hos do what they do. Parents failed them. Complete break down of values.


Her mother starred in obscene movie, her father is an obscene vulgar ignoramus that used them both. The kid likes money and like mommy & daddy will do anything to get it. Yep, the apple doesn't far from the tree...


She's really cute. She would look better with smaller boobs. Big breasts are usually a sign of trashy posing.


She's off to a good start of ruining her life; must take after her father




That first photo is unflattering...but, you can see she's a beautiful girl.


Now if only she was good looking, and had a nice body, the pictures would be ok.


Why do these young women feel the need to scribble these stupid looking tattoos all over their bodies ? A small one here or there is ok, I guess, but these look like a two your old scribbled on her with a magic marker.


She is hot! Let the ladies free!!!!!!!!! If she is related to Alex, unfortunately she will have a worthless liberal mind!


just because of last name


Sure gettin' tired of the half-dressed Hollywood types. No serious a actor does this.


This girl is sad. She is not her mother and won't ever be. Do something else! Every opportunity in the world and you take useless photos trying to get noticed--not happening girl. Go to school and be a great student. Do something for the world. Get your own life.


I must be getting too old because the first thing I see are those awful tats on an otherwise good looking woman.


A ho is a ho. She can't help it.


Keep up the good work ! Nothing like the "wet T-Shirt" look. Made famous forever by Jacqueline Bisset in "The Deep".


I support the movement.


WHO? Why does TMZ feel that anything this woman may do or say is relevant to anything?


She'll probably be one of the first to flaunt the bush, or lack of. It's all for attention.


Its also apparently pasty saggy and ill shaped😂


Clearly a fat girl trying to get out. Only a matter of time.


Hey, if he can go around reason she can't go around braless.


I guess she ditched college after a pricey education at private school. Can't sing, or act either I suppose. You've got the Rinna kid, the Brinkley girls, and just about every HOUSEWIFE from BRAVO daughter, fixing their faces to be models. PATHETIC.


what a surprisingly unattractive young woman


I guess this now makes her eligible to be a full (of herself) fledged celebrity. She can now check the box for (almost) nudity. YAWN! Sometimes less (skin) is more (attractive). T&A..... celebrity's answer to (almost) everything.


she won't ever beat her mama. kim stands alone.


Jobs at Walmart are tight these days , so................................
BTW, I'd hit it a time or two if I could.


Baldwin trash exactly like her father.


GOD DAMN She is basic AF. side note, hope that guy threw his camera away after the first shot.


she walks funny....oink


No class just like her Father


Not attractive pictures


A little present to Trump for all the harrassment from her father.


Awww... How sweet... Alec's little pig is now a big one!!!


Awww... How sweet... Alec's little pig is now a big one!!! Brahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahah


She should have auditioned for Harvey Weinstein...she looks his type!


I'll never understand women who get all those manly tattoos. They look hideous .


IF QVC could figure out if it is the water, or what it is in Hollywood that makes the females want to show us their breast of to go naked for all us, but if they could figure out how to bottle it and sell it, their sales would go threw the roof.


oh boy another gollywood trash gets naked and people put down hef for showing naked girls, in gollywood if you have no talent just get naked and get noticed


not a real model....


faces of meth

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