Comedian Ralphie May Dead at 45 of Cardiac Arrest (UPDATE)


1:50 PM PT -- TMZ has learned Ralphie died at a private residence in Vegas Friday morning. We're told he had been battling pneumonia for 6 weeks and died of cardiac arrest. According to his rep, someone in the residence discovered his body. 

He had performed Thursday night at Harrah's in Vegas.Comedian Ralphie May died Friday at the age of 45 ... TMZ has learned.

Ralphie had been battling pneumonia over the last week, but kept performing his scheduled gigs in Las Vegas.

Ralphie's stand-up comedy career took off after he finished second on "Last Comic Standing" in 2003. Since then he's had several televised comedy specials -- mostly on Netflix and Comedy Central -- and he's continued touring, almost nonstop, around the country.

His manager, Judi Marmel, tells us, "As his manager and his friend, I will miss his laugh, his generosity to fellow comedians, his trademark orneriness, and his enormous love of life. He left us entirely too soon -- and we can only wonder where his comedy might have taken all of us. We send our love to his family, his fans, and all the comics who shared stages with him across the country." 

In 2015 he and his wife Lahna Turner, also a comedian, filed for divorce. Ralphie was devastated by the split and the ensuing custody battle over their 2 kids, April June May and August James May.



I loved his stand up shows - he was hilarious...RIP Ralphie


Truly a shame that he let himself get that big. Too much of a strain on the heart and lungs


Rest in peace,Ralphie. You made me laugh on even my worst days. Thank you for your unrestrained and uncensored view of this world. Your time was cut much to short. I hope you are happy and healthy in your next adventure.


The last joke is on the pall bearers.


I love those "the last time we saw him" vids. 2015? We haven't seen him in two years?


This reeks of drug addiction. Unless you are over 80, who gets pneumonia? And why was he working if he knew that he had something this serious? He actually sounds high in this clip.


He was never funny. Might as well be dead.


When you heard about this did anyone else search to see if Gabriel Iglesias was still alive?


Obama care really worx , RIP.


I loved him. I could relate to a lot of the jokes and comments he made. He was hilarious and ornery. I also loved he didn't want to be politely correct at all. RIP You will be greatly missed.


Sad to hear this although not too surprised. RIP


Funny jokes. And not so ironically, Trump will outlive both of you.


I am sickened by all the people who JUDGE the way he died......can you honestly have such a lack of compassion for another fellow human being? Tom Petty just died from a heart attack and he was NOT morbidly obese.......what will you blame him for?
If you make disgusting remarks like that, they may well come back to haunt you....
you will definitely deserve it if that’s the kind of emotional place you live


Good luck carrying the casket pall bearers!


This gives me hope that Trump will die of cardiac arrest soon too since he's obese and much older.


April May and August May. Ok.


Another Hollywood AIDS death.


Good man, he will be missed. Being morbidly obese has huge health ramifications so while he was much to young to pass, it should serve as a message to others to keep weight in line to some degree.


He likely died of a broken heart. That... or the cheeseburgers. Either way, I will kind of miss him.

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