Rep. Steve Scalise: D.C. Shooting Victim Throws 1st Pitch at Nats Playoff Game

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GOP House Whip Steve Scalise just threw out the 1st pitch at Game 1 of Nationals vs. Cubs in D.C. ... just 6 months after being shot and seriously injured at a Congressional baseball game. 

With the help of a walker, Steve made it out to the mound and fired a perfect strike to home plate -- garnering a standing O from the crowd.

Pretty amazing considering Scalise was fighting for his life after taking a bullet in the hip back in June.

FYI, Steve returned to Capitol Hill on Sep. 28 after months of rehab -- tweeting, "I'm back."

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He's a fool.


Got shot but still supports the NRA. It's not about rights to arms, I wholly believe in that, but it's the type of arms I have a problem with. No one should be able to amass the arsenal this guy had. No one is entitled to that.


Glad to see him back. Bipartisan Strong.


It’s not the gun it’s the person behind it. 100 people a DAY die in automobile wrecks, no one cries to regulate those more, make them slower, limit them, background checks to buy them...


he still supports major, terrorist gun support from NRA!


He was attacked by an anti Trump/antifa nut job democrat. Paddock did the same thing!



This guy has zero moral fortitude , they must've used CGI to make his strings invisible because he's a NRA puppet


Now ask HIM how he feels about gun control since he's experienced the aftermath personally.
Society LOVES a comeback story. Welcome back sir.


This is a nice moment. The guy has endured a lot and is moving forward with his life.


And when David Vitter was caught in diapers with hookers, he didn't want to pass any new laws against Depends.



It's hard to listen to democrats after two cowardly democrat terrorist attacks by anti Trump / antifa democrat supporters. We are keeping ouf guns and not following anything the democrats tell us. We see you and the democrat party as the enemy. Democrats mock our beliefs, our support for our Military/Police and attack our President every chance they can after the humiliating defeat in November. I don't even think hate is the right word for how we feel when democrats release terrorists, criminals and illegal criminals at the risk of American lives. Traitors! It doesn't matter what you say, we hate you and anyone who takes a knee during the National Anthem is a traitor. There were posts on TMZ after the Vegas shooting gleeful that conservatives were murdered in cold blood by a coward democrat. It only reinforces what we believe in, democrats are our enemy.

John Boy Walton 1%


Both shooters in DC and Vegas were nut job democrats who were anti Trump / antifa supporters.
Democrat nut job leaders then proclaim hey Republicans, give up your guns! LOL We don't listen to a party that takes a knee when the National Anthem is played.

God Bless President Trump, our Armed Forces, Police and Emergency Services! Our thoughts and prayers go out the the families who lost loved ones or injured in these cowardly attacks by democrat nut jobs.



TMZ deleting pro Steve posts. Nope, no censorship here, folks.


Truly awful and sad........


Better than Obama


Got nothing good to say about that Richard, wish him the worst


This is why the Nationals loss tonight.


LA isn’t going to do it this year.


Welcome back steve! 😉


What a great moment! God Bless him! A true inspiration! These evil cowardly anti Trump antifa murderers need to be stopped. Thank you law enforcement for protecting the good and killing evil.



stay in yo lane!


And he still hasn't learned anything from it what....


Did Scalise first ask his master, Wayne LaPiere if it was allowed?


Watch this fool vote against each and every gun control law


Dbacks changing pitchers in the 2nd inning. Dodgers hitters are just too much for them.


Wouldn’t it have been great if someone shot him again when he was doing this. BAHAHAHAHAHA


Dodgers got it goin on!!!!


Dodgers hitters are destroying Dbacks. I love it!


He can’t even stand how can he throw a pitch



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