TMZ Live Eminem Goes On Rampage Against Trump

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Eminem has lost his edge. SJW tool for the establishment. Very sad.


Absolute DOUCHE.


Democrats have been lying, spewing hate, creating racism and taking a knee every time the National Anthem is played.

John Boy Walton 1%


So a old dude who looks strung out on drugs is the great white hope for the liberals?? haha what a joke.


We don’t want Obama care relief we want trump Relief and release



We don’t want Obama care relief we won’t talk relief and release


Eminem a drug addicted fool!


Poor performance on Eminems part. Bad rap, bad lyrics. Could have been a lot more successful with a good song. A 44 year old millionaire in a doo rag
Embarrassing for Eminem


Trump is coming for you dude ...
Twitter is going to be LlVE ...


Rachelle only defends black people. She and Van are so raciest it defeats their purpose on your




Lets face it he WAS GOOD but this performance was crap; seems everyone in show business wants to look cool by jumping on the bandwagon of joining the bash Trump mob. Anyone that calls that music knows nothing of music and what it means; this was a rant not music. Big Sean, for example, is better.


funny, I know a loser still saying "will the real slim shady please stand up"...he is for entertainment purposes only


He so wants to be black


Such a desperate bitter loser.


He's aiming for white savior status and the black community is buying it, lol


Is Eminem even relevant? Dude, this isn't 2002


And Vanilla Ice & Kid Rock are working up a response. Ya heard!


Emenem who?

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