Ezekiel Elliott's 6-Game Suspension Back On ... For Now

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3:01 PM PT -- An NFL spokesman provided TMZ Sports the following statement ...

"Earlier today, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals vacated the preliminary injunction that prohibited the league from imposing the six-game suspension issued to Ezekiel Elliott for a violation of the Personal Conduct Policy.  The Court also directed the district court to dismiss the union’s lawsuit which was filed on Elliott’s behalf."

"As a result, Elliott’s suspension will begin effective immediately. Elliott is eligible to return to the team on Friday, November 24 following the Cowboys' Thursday, November 23 game against the Los Angeles Chargers."

2:56 PM PT -- Elliott's agent Frank Salzano tells us, “We are currently exploring all of our legal options and will make a decision as to what is the best course of action in the next few days. Until that time we have no further comment on the 5th circuit’s decision.”

Bad news for the Dallas Cowboys ... a federal appeals court has ruled Ezekiel Elliott's 6-game suspension is back on. 

A federal appeals court made a ruling today ... essentially throwing out a lower court's ruling that allowed Zeke to play

So, what does it all mean? 

For now, the NFL's initial domestic violence punishment stands -- and the league has been cleared to enforce the 6-game suspension

The Cowboys happen to be on a bye week -- which gives Zeke's team some time to counterpunch and fight the ruling. 

The NFL had initially moved to suspend Zeke after a private investigation found he physically abused his girlfriend on multiple occasions. 

Important to note, Elliott was never prosecuted for the incidents -- and he maintains his innocence. 

But due to the collective bargaining agreement, the NFL believes it doesn't need a conviction to punish a player.  

Story developing ... 

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