Harvey Weinstein, Dinner Before Rehab in Arizona


Harvey Weinstein had what looked like just another night out with friends Thursday, which could not be further from the truth ... because he was with his team of doctors.

Weinstein had dinner at Uncle Sal's restaurant in Scottsdale, AZ ... what we're told will be his last supper before checking into a nearby rehab facility. The restaurant is in a strip mall 15 minutes from the Phoenician Resort, where he checked in Wednesday night after flying from L.A.

The fallen mogul broke bread with 3 guys and a woman -- who we're told are part of his medical team -- and eyewitnesses say you would never know Weinstein was in the eye of a ferocious storm. One witness said, "He was acting normal, fine, like he didn't have a care."

He clearly has a care. As we reported, his daughter called 911 Wednesday, saying her dad was suicidal and upset, although when cops arrived she took it back and said they were just having an argument.

As Weinstein goes for help in the land of McCain, his lawyers are hammering The Weinstein Company. TMZ broke the story ... TWC may have violated his contract by firing him. The contract shockingly allowed Weinstein to stay on with the company -- regardless of how many sexual harassment claims were lodged -- as long as he paid the settlement costs and a penalty to the company.



How has this news post about H.L. become a post about Trump?


So can we say Matt Damon is an enabler?


This fat slob tells the thin actresses/models that they're too FAT - that's why they're all anorexic and bulimic. Look at him feeding his BIG UGLY FACE!!!! He's a very sick man - he said it himself. Hopefully, he's convicted - but I doubt that - as these predators pay off BIG bucks and know the right people - so they get sent home. He should be suicidal.


Harvey should be wary about going out in public. He has become a target and some emotional nut could confront him or just attack his pig face. Entitlement sometimes pisses people off. Even a waitress might tamper with his food. He could be the most hated man not charged with a crime --yet.
Given the length of his career of abusing young women I would think it may number in the hundreds.

This was covered-up by public corporations and news outlets. A Federal RICO investigation might be in order for this criminal enterprise posing as a entertainment industry. Conspirators, co-conspirators, and enablers all strutting around like show horses.

Whole groups of stars rotting with moral cancer driven by broken lives, sick abusers and closets full of secrets. The organized groups of child abusers are worse than Harvey yet the rug still covers these industry moguls. Money, power and lawyers are the factors that keep the lid on this cesspool called Hollywood. Banks too big to fail. Maybe this industry is too big to be reformed.


The Phoenician hotel was built by junk bond king Charles Keating. What do you make of that, TMZ?

It sits on 250 acres so I guess Weinstein could get some privacy there. It has room service, though. Why go out to dinner and sit next to the window in Uncle Sal's restaurant?


I bet the food in rehab is better then prison.


Only this hog would go out as if he was celebrating some victory. They are vultures and their pigishness knows no bounds. It makes me think of how desperate his subjects are. That weird old man who ran out trying to defend ole Harv' from the paps. Give me a break! This guy has assaulted a countless number of women and you know what...he will never have to suffer any kinds of consequences. Guys like this never do...he will always be Harvey and you have so many wannabes who wills suck his A$$ no matter what just in the hopes of getting famous.


Absolutely nothing will happen to him. He will return to doing the same ole thing...if he ever stopped. The rich and powerful have their own laws. At the same time more women (and men) need to take legal and whatever available action necessary which includes "immediately" going to the police and filing a complaint. I know they are concerned about their careers but come on!!!!!!!!!


Because, of his position, people were looking the other way. Oh, wait. I’m sorry. I thought we were discussing Donald Trump.


ohhh awesome TNZ, we want to know what the perverted manbearpig scumbag liberal harvey swinesteen ate


Harvey "exited" on the floor after dinner. The pot plants were out of reach.


I heard HW gave the waitress a BIG tip..
HW : "Hey top heavy.. you want to be in a movie? Psst..here's a tip.. give the producer a message."


Do you think those actresses get casted and get multi million dollar paychecks for their "talent"? They know the game. He is far from the first Hollywood mogul to want to sleep with women. Funny, they all come forward once they achieve what they wanted. Not that I am sticking up for the guy, its just the way it is in Hollywood.
BTW-I think it was really crappy of UB to take away his honorary degree-when these are still all alleged charges-nothing proven yet.
Harvey and Corky has some badass concerts back in the day!


Harvey for President 2020!!!!!


Iran speech - one of Trump's worst decisions: feeds Iran hardliners, splits allies, shreds US credibility, roils congress, gift to Russia.

-former acting CIA Director under GW Bush


Trump: “I met with the president of the Virgin Islands.” (That would be him…)


Trump's Wharton Professor: "Trump Was the Dumbest Goddamn Student I Ever Had"


Wow.. there it is, in black and white, apparently. A CONTRACT, that was drawn up, KNOWING this guy is a PREDATOR and again, PROTECTING HIM!!! I knew Hollywood was dirty, but this goes WAY BEYOND just dirty.. others have resigned, Amazon films has been uncovered...I think the domino effect is just beginning and many more will fall just as hard and fast.


Surprised he didn't flee the country when he had the chance.


The national nightmare continues. Mentally ill smexually abusing racist takes healthcare away from millions. Democracy hangs by a thread.

-Rob Reiner


Trump goes against all our allies and all his advisors regarding the Iran deal.

DAF vengeful idiot


Trump is unfit

Time to go


TRUMP 2020


The principle ideology of the Democrats is cultural Marxism...
Destroying religion, patriotism, and the family unit


TRUMP 2020


Harvey is a perv too...Levin


My cousin is a Faaahgot....I don't give a sheet though


oops gotta go sprint-Tmobile deal news...


lmfao Trump is #WINNING


it's about time Trump just started going full dictator. this is going to be SO very entertaining.


On some real sheet I might not make it.....I got love for all you MF though....

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