Tyga's Hiding T-Shirt Dough in Shell Companies, According to Ex-Biz Partner


Tyga's playing a super high stakes shell game with the more than $2 million he owes an ex-business partner in his Last Kings t-shirt company -- but the guy's not up for games, he's just suing.

The biz partner, Chuon Guen Lee, was already awarded the millions in a lawsuit he filed against Tyga, but -- plot twist -- he can't get a dime out of the rapper. According to new docs, obtained by TMZ, Tyga's set up several new companies he's using to hide his profits from the t-shirt biz.

Lee says it ain't small change either ... he says Tyga's hauling in about $450k per month.

In the suit, Lee says the sole reason his old partner launched the other companies is to block his efforts to collect the money.

He's suing to get a full accounting of Tyga's revenues, from all the companies, and void the transfer of money to them.



Tyga, just pay what you owe quit adding on to your Karma because in the end it will catch up to you,take responsibility what a kid....


LOL LOL LOL we all know he is broke as a joke. Another B***k man who career went to nothing after getting with the wrong color woman. #realtalk #TRUTH


ha ha ha Tyga's not hiding any money. He doesn't HAVE money. This guy should have been following TMZ and all the times Tyga's cars were repoed for non payment. Since he isn't hanging with the Kardashians anymore he is really out of cash.


"Oh waaaaaa - I need validation that I am really someone. Look at all the cash I have and all the ugly jewelry I wear - look at me look at me!..."


Whats with the leopard? Is he so stupid that he doesn't know thats NOT a tiger?


You shoulda collected that when he was still with Kylie. LMAO 😁




They should just pull up his weave, guarantee that's where he has his PIN number written down.


If he has many companies , maybe he is just shuffling the same money between them. One to the other.
So he may just have $450K.


Well, we know he isn't hiding it in his chin.


450k a MUMFF??!!

This mashed potato brain??!!


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Tyga is reportedly hiding the 2 mill in his nostrils.


Anyone who goes into biz with this guy is asking to get ripped off. He stiffs everybody.


Who are the losers buying his merchandise?


Tyga a chomo criminal.


Tyga is making BANK yo.


It's sad when your bottom lip is also your chin.


Give they guy a break. He's saving up for a chin and also a lower lip tuck.


If Tyga's making 450k a month, that mean's he's selling at least 900k a month as retail mark up is usually twice wholesale. I'm impressed almost 11 million a year. He should quit rapping and go into the t-shirt business full time.


Even if he is making $450k a month, he blows about $500k a month and is in debt and broke!




Tyga doesn't have any money, he's living on FOOD stamps.


Tyga's bottom lip is also his chin.


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He doesn’t have 2 dollars.


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I bet Kris Jenner is his manager! She shady.


If he made 450k a month he wouldn’t be allowing himself to be shown on a rag like TMZ.


This guy must be a great talker ...
1st he talked Kylie into blowing him .. then talked some chinese guy into 2 million for T shirts
Maybe they feel sorry for him cause he looks like a turtle with no shell


ROCK'N'ROLL destroying HIP HOP...
or the other way around...???


Him and his hairline are stupid. Now the Jenner money gone he need another financial backer.


What has his little punk ever done that was worth more than minimum wage...?


Tyga is really doing half a mil a month? Damn!


Ron Goldman has a better chance of getting money from oj than whoever is looking for 2 mil from this jabroni


What happen to his gold teeth grillz? In the Pawn shop?
Maybe Eminem can help him out.


Someone stole my wallet.......yeah, Kylie took it back!


RIP to the greatest comedian of all time, Ralphie May. The guy sold out arenas all over the world, and kept it real. He will be missed.


Where on earth are the millions of idiots who are supposedly buying t shirts from Tyga? I sure have never seen anyone wearing his duds


Another deadbeat rapper.


Too bad Tyga isn't with Kylie anymore, or she would have paid Tyga's debt.


Tyga is following his manager and business advisors' direction which is what made him all the money in the first place. 450k a month is just a shade under 6mil a year which isn't that much in his line of work and why to many he isn't considered a top draw right now.


Since there's no TMZ video with that picture of Tyga, I'll provide the audio: "Duhhhh"


Maybe Lee can rap a love chant and unite Tyga and Kylie so he can get his coin. Oh wait... she is knocked up by another great guy - oh oh Mr. Lee - that was your only chance!!!


Get in line for the people he owes $$ to!


I think there’s a typo. They probably meant to say $4.50 a month.


Should have tried to get it while Kylie was still around to pay his bills. Outta luck now




Stop eating flies and pay your bills


“Chuon Guen Lee“

That’s what’s Tyga use to say when doing Kylie

“Chuuuuuuuuoooooooon Guuuuuuuennnnnnnn Leeeeeeeeee”


Lol. Funny he shows all these cars, money, ugly chains.....yet can’t pay up.

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